Can You Bore Sight A Red Dot?

Can You Bore Sight A Red Dot

Can You Bore Sight A Red Dot?

A red dot sight is a special tool used to set the aim of the target accurately and quickly for the hunter who uses the guns for sports, hunting or fun. They use the red dot bore sighting techniques for work sight well. Moreover, this is the most useable technique used to align the sight of the firearm barrel to shoot the required mark accurately. In this article, we give a comprehensive guide on what is bore sight red dot is, types of bore sight, how to use a bore sight, its benefits and limitations.

Can You Bore Sight A Red Dot

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If you are starting your shooting activity, you might heard the word “bore sight”. It is a process to align the bore of a firearm along with the sight or scope. It is used to enhance the accuracy of the site and saves a lot of time in correcting the aim of the target. It is one of the most crucial steps in rifle sighting that saves you money and gets rid of your frustrations.

What is Bore Sight

Bore sight is also known as the bore sighting tool to align the aiming points or scope with the gun’s barrel in shooting sports or firearms. It increases the accuracy of targeting the aim perfectly and minimizes the chance of missing the bullet to the target.

Different types of bore sighting tools are available on the market but they have the same prime purpose and that is to enhance the accuracy of shoot of rifle to the targeted mark and to align the optics with the gun’s bore. It provides various flexibility to make significant changes in setting up the new scope of the rifle.

What is The Relation Between Bore Sight and Red Dot?

There is a strong relation between the bore sight and the red dot due to aligning it with the barrel’s centerline. Before using it, you must have basic information about adjusting the bore sight with the red dot.

Types of Bore Sight Tool

There are various types of bore sighting tools available on the market to adjust the firearms to the barrel of the barrel’s centerline. Here are some commonly used types of bore sights. Let’s explore more functionality of each sighting tool.

Laser Bore Sights

Laser is one of the most common and frequently used bore sight tools that are specially designed to fit with a firearm’s chamber easily. When activated laser bore sights, it emits a red laser beam toward the centerline of the bores. Shooters or hunters have to align their sight and red laser rays to the target point.

Magnetic Bore Sights

Another famous type of bore sight is magnetic which is directly attached to the barrel of the firearm externally. It is easy to adjust your sights during the alignment process.

Optical Bore Sight

Optical is not as famous as other types of bore sight but it requires more effort in adjustment. It works the same as a laser with a slight difference in that the optics or scope is connected with the barrel’s base. Keep the scope aligned with the scope. Now adjust the red dot with the grid’s center. Finally, your dot sight is completely sighted.

Visual Bore Sight

Visual bore sight is not as accurate as compared to other types. These techniques are used to utilize the gun’s barrel to properly align with the sight. Setting up the muzzle’s position with the center of the targeted mark. The accuracy of red dot sight is always doubtful

Target Boresight

Boresight targets use the grid pattern of reference marks to enhance the accuracy of the targeted mark. The shooter or hunter adjusts the aim of the firearm at their target and then adjusts their sight with it through the reference points.

How To Use Bore Sight

Here is a complete step-by-step guide on how you can use the bore sight effectively to get more accurate results.

  • The first and most crucial step is to keep safety in mind. Double-check that your firearms are unloaded to prevent any kind of insecurities.
  • Place the firearm on the smooth platform to get a more accurate result of bore sighting. Gun vise or shooting rest is the recommended platform for better stability of firearms. It also helps to reduce the error risks.
  • The accuracy of targeting the aim also depends upon the nature of the firearm you use. Some most frequent firearms tools are laser bore sights, magnetic bore sights, grid bore sights cartridge bore sights and many more.
  • You must have the basic knowledge to adjust the bore sighting tool. Try to activate the laser beam to emit the laser beam to serve as a reference point to align the sight on the target.
  • It’s time to adjust the sight through your firearm on the targeted aim. Try to keep your sight as near as possible to your target.
  • Set the 25-yard distance and shoot a bunch of fire towards the targeted aim. If your shots hit the targeted aim many times, adjust your sight to that point. Keep adjusting until your shots hit the targeted aim consistently.
  • After proper adjusting, recheck the accuracy by shooting some random shots.
  • Once you get your required accuracy, save this reading for future adjustments

How To Use Bore Sight Effectively – Useful Tips

Here are the most effective tips to use bore sight accurately to get a more precise result. Follow them and improve your accuracy.

  • Use the bore sight tool which is compatible with the firearms capabilities. Using the precise tool definitely maximizes the accuracy.
  • Always keep your firearms unloaded. When you are adjusting it, treat it so carefully that it is loaded.
  • Must be conscious of choosing the right and smooth platform. The more smoother the platform is, the more precisely you can hit the aim. Try to use the smooth shooting rest of the gun vise.
  • You must have the basic knowledge of your selected bore sight tool. You should know how to use it and how to adjust its basic setting for precise aiming
  • Never goes with a longer distance. At the beginning, start with only 25 yards distances
  • Always record your last precise adjustment as a soft reminder. It helps to reach your defined targeted record.
  • In the case of using scopes, one must ensure it is properly balanced. You can take ideas from its manual or guidance.
  • The bore should be free from rust or debris. A clean bore fulfills more accurate objectives.
  • This entire process takes time to adjust again and again,  so you must be patient to obtain the desired zero reading.
  • After some time, the recorded reading may slightly change. So never stick with one reading and always keep rechecking after a specific period.
  • If you are a beginner and can’t understand the complications of the bore sight, get assistance from a certified and skilled consultant.

Benefits of Bore Sighting

  • Bore sighting helps to increase the accuracy by aligning the firearms with the optics
  • Due to taking records, it saves a lot of time in adjusting
  • It takes a few rounds to get the desired zero
  • Due to fewer rounds, it also saves money.
  • Once you get the zero, it helps to build your confidence to master it.
  • It reduces the number of accidents due to misleading fire.
  • Even a beginner can easily simplify the zeroing

Limitations of Bore Sighting

  • There is no guarantee of pinpoint accuracy if you already acquired the zero.
  • Weather conditions like wind and variable temperature affect the bore sight record.
  • Various distances also create variations in the bullet’s speed and accuracy.
  • The already recorded reading changes from time to time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Bore Sight a Red Dot Sight?

Yes! It is possible to use a bore sight with the red dot sight to align to improve the preciseness.

Which tools are required to bore sight a red dot sight?

You must have a special type of bore sight like a laser, magnetic or cartridge that emits a reference point to align the red dot sight.

How To Sight in a Red Dot Scope Without Shooting?

Using the bore sighting is the best alternative technique that aligns both the firearm’s bore and red dot sight. It saves your time and reduces the cost and firing noise.


Bore sight a red dot sign is the most effective technique to align the optics with the firearms. No matter what stage you have in shooting, mastering bore sighting uplifts your shooting skill with preciseness and accuracy. It not only enhances accuracy but also saves time, effort and cost. The bore sighting tools become compulsory for both the seasonal shooter or beginners. Using these techniques enhances significant improvements in accuracy.


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