Optimizing Accuracy: Red Dot Installation using Beretta Dovetail Red Dot Mount

Beretta Dovetail Red Dot Mount on M9A3 slide

Optimizing Accuracy: Red Dot Installation using Beretta Dovetail Red Dot Mount

Beretta Dovetail Red Dot Mount is an easy and secure method of installing a red dot sight on most Beretta pistols, such as Beretta M9, Beretta M9A1, Beretta M9A3, Beretta 92, Beretta 92FS, Beretta 92G, Beretta 92X, Beretta 98 and Beretta 90 Series. Those legendary firearms are  known for its reliability and accuracy, but modern shooters are increasingly turning to red dot sights to enhance their aiming capabilities. Mounting a red dot sight on a Beretta pistol can provide quicker target acquisition and improved accuracy. One popular method for achieving this upgrade is by installing a red dot sight using a Beretta dovetail red dot mount.

Understanding the Basics

Before diving into the mounting process, it’s essential to understand the basics of red dot sights and dovetail mounts. Red dot sights offer a point of aim in the form of an illuminated dot, making it easier for shooters to align their shots. Dovetail mounts, on the other hand, utilize the existing dovetail cuts on the pistol slide to secure the red dot sight.


Why Choose a Red Dot?

Red dot sights offer shooters a distinct advantage by providing a clear aiming point, making target acquisition faster and more accurate. This is particularly beneficial in dynamic shooting scenarios and competitions. The ability to maintain focus on the target while overlaying a red dot allows for quicker and more intuitive aiming.


Choosing the Right Red Dot Sight

Selecting an appropriate red dot sight is crucial for optimizing your Beretta pistol. Consider factors like durability, battery life, and reticle style. Popular options include the Trijicon RMR, Trijicon SRO, Holosun 407C and SwampFox Liberty. Ensure the chosen sight is compatible with a dovetail mount.


Selecting the Right Beretta Dovetail Red Dot Mount

Before starting the mounting process, it’s crucial to choose a dovetail mount compatible with the your Beretta handgun. Ensure that the mount is designed specifically for the model you have to guarantee a secure fit and optimal performance. Versa Tactical Beretta Dovetail Red Dot Mount offers compatibility with the variety of Beretta handguns providing secure and reliable base for your red dot optic or reflex sight compatible with popular Trijicon RMR mounting footprint.


Tools and Materials Needed

  1. Red Dot Sight: Choose a quality red dot sight suitable for handguns. Popular options include the Trijicon RMR, Trijicon SRO, Holosun 407C and SwampFox Liberty.
  2. Dovetail Mount: Make sure it is designed for your Beretta handgun and compatible with your chosen red dot sight. Versa Tactical Beretta Dovetail Red Dot Mount is compatible with any red dot sight utilizing Trijicon RMR foorprint
  3. Hex Driver Set: Ensure you have the correct hex driver size to fit the screws provided with the dovetail mount or, if you use one of our Beretta Dovetail Optic Mounting Kits , use the hex driver included in the package.
  4. Threadlocker: Applying a small amount of threadlocker to the screws can help prevent them from loosening over time due to recoil.


Step-by-Step Installation

  1. Safety First:   Always ensure the firearm is unloaded and follow proper gun safety procedures.
  2. Field Strip the Pistol: Before starting, ensure the firearm is unloaded and follow proper safety procedures. Field strip the Beretta handgun to access the slide.
  3. Remove Existing Sights: Use the sight pusher tool to remove the existing sights from the dovetail cuts. This step may require some force, so proceed with caution. Consult a certified gunsmith should you require any help with installation.
  4. Install the Beretta Dovetail Red Dot Mount: Align the Beretta dovetail red dot mount with the cuts on the slide and secure it using the provided screws. Tighten the screws gradually and evenly to ensure a secure fit. Remember that most dovetails on Beretta pistols are designed to be access from the left side of the slide when pointing the slide downrange as you normally would when operating the pistol. Feel free to reference our Beretta Dovetail Red Dot Mount Installation Manual for a detailed lustration.
  5. Attach the Red Dot Sight: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to attach the red dot sight to the dovetail mount. Use the appropriate screws provided by the manufacturer or included in the dovetail red dot mounting kit, and tighten them securely.
  6. Adjust and Zero the Sight: Head to the range to test your newly mounted red dot sight. Use the adjustment dials to zero the sight for your preferred shooting distance. Take your time with this step to ensure accuracy. Here is a good video explaining the process or zeroing your red dot sight.



Mounting a red dot on the Beretta handgun can significantly enhance your shooting experience. By selecting the right dovetail mount, using quality tools, and following proper installation procedures, you can enjoy improved accuracy and faster target acquisition with your upgraded pistol. Always prioritize safety and adhere to firearm safety guidelines throughout the process.


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